Christ Church Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI)
History, Facts and Overview

(Bridgetown, Christ Church, Barbados)

Previously known as Seawell Airport and comprising of nothing more than a long strip of grass, Christ Church Airport was established towards the end of the 1930s. Around ten years later in 1949, a terminal building was constructed to meet growing needs and further enhancements were made over the following years.

During the 1960s, Seawell Airport was renamed as Paragon Airport and become an important base for the US air force, with the runway being extended soon after. Today, the airport is officially titled as the Sir Grantley Adams International Airport and is capable of handling large aircraft used for charter flights.

Despite Christ Church being fairly small in size, Grantley Adams Airport has never been busier and the turn of the millennium saw considerable redevelopment at the cost of over $100 million. This expenditure saw the construction of a new terminal building, additional departure lounges and general expansion.

Facilities at the airport are modern and surprisingly comprehensive, including a banking branch, both duty-free and retail shops, a port office, bureau de change, a quality restaurant and a bar. Tourist information and airport information counters are located in the atrium, as are booths for tour operators and a single car rental agency.

Christ Church Airport BGI

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